Thursday, February 5, 2009

Eco and Fashion at the 2009 Golden Globes.

eco fashion handbag at golden globe awards

Justin Bruening, from Night Rider and Alexa Havins, All My Children star, pick out new Eco-Friendly handbags by Passchal at the 2009 Golden Globe Awards.

Eco and Fashion at the 2009 Access Hollywood TV Celebrity gift Lounge in celebration of the Golden Globes.

This year the fusion of fashion and eco friendly has taken a giant leap forward. The Passchal bag is being embraced by Hollywood's Fashion Elite.

Justin Bruening, with the Messenger Bag, and Alexa Havins, with a Yellow Scrunch, stop by the Access Hollywood Gifting Lounge at the 2009 Golden Globe Awards in Hollywood, California. They were admiring and picking out a new Eco-Friendly handbag by Passchal.




cRaNkY LeEsH said...

wow.. meylia u're really into fashion.. sorry for da late reply.. i already linked u.. link me back..

katiebug said...

kewl! have a wonderful weekend! :)

Babette @ One at a Time said...

Hello Meylia :)

SEDONA said...

Ethical shopping shall get a good boost because of these Hollywood people.

amiable amy said...

wow...i like that yellow purse...the design is so fashionable, thanks for the comments and for visiting my blog