Friday, January 29, 2010

Face Treatment

Having perfect shining face is what almost women want, that will be easy for those who have a lot of spare time for their skin care, but not every women can do. Sometimes lots of activities makes me forget to have some little care for my face, and for me kids sometimes keep me busy all the day. For me daily face wash is one last option for me in case i don't have time for facial treatment. Usually i wait until my kids fall asleep to do some little treatment for my face, i started washing my face and i continue with face cleanser and face tonic, but sometimes it continue only for several days and i just forget it. That a bad habit actually, i remember some friend told me that to start new routine is more easy than to keep doing such routine.

I just want to give you some important tips what would be the best way for choosing the best facial cleanser, one important before you buy facial cleanser is to know the type of your skin, by knowing your skin type it means you choose the appropriate nutrition for your skin, second, change season mean you need to change your face cleanser, because usually your skin will become more dry during winter, third, choose natural ingredient, i think everybody knows the less chemical ingredient will benefit you in the long run.

Here some important tips to know what type of skin you have;
  • Normal skin. This skin type has a proper balance of moisture, oil and durability. Oily skin. Does your face look shiny, greasy or oily a few hours after washing it?
  • Dry skin. Dry skin features facial pores that are hard to see a few hours after being washed.
  • Sensitive skin. This skin type often feels tight or itchy, and experiences allergic reactions and flushing when put into contact with certain chemicals.
  • Combination skin. If some parts of your face are oily while others are dry or sensitive, you have combination skin.