Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2008 Buzz Words to Describe & Sell Products in the Beauty & Fashion Industries

Each year public relations professionals and industry brands are carefully constructing pitches to describe a product to editors and the media in a way that will vividly illustrate the look and feel of it and immediately prompt a response in return. As with previous years, there are always key buzz words being used and Pierce Mattie Public Relations ( has developed a list of the product descriptors best used to describe, pitch and sell your product in the lifestyle, beauty and fashion industries.

  1. Consumers continue to lead stressful, busy lives; positioning your product as one that will provide peace and relaxation will continue to help it reach your desired target. Buzz words being used: Renewal, refreshing, nourishing, invigorating, effortless, rejuvenating.
  2. Products that appear backed by science are also still being sought out. Buzz words being used to convey this: Revolutionary, propriety formula/blend, innovative, potent, patented, nutraceutical, botaniceutical.
  3. While hype is often looked at with skepticism, consumers still seek a results-driven miracle product. Buzz words being used: Dramatic, exponentially, spectacular, results within minutes/hours/days.
  4. As our economy doesn’t show signs of springing back to life anytime soon, consumers are looking for a way to stretch their dollar. Buzz words being used: Value, versatile, blend of function & fashion, functional.
  5. There are also still many consumers that derive their sense of status from the high end products they purchase. Buzz words being used for this demographic: Premium, luxury, chic, opulent, premiere, exclusive.
  6. The environment is on the forefront of consumer’s minds as we try to become "greener." Buzz words being used: Sustainable, registered organic, organic, eco-friendly, ethical, exotic, rare, going green.
  7. In the past year weight and shape continued to be a buzz in the fashion industry, especially as we head into New Year's resolutions and onto swimsuit season. Buzz words that are eye catching are: Figure flattering, cinches your waist, minimizes, compliments, hides.
  8. Health has become a priority and consumers are always looking for the healthy angle to your product. Buzz words being used: Probiotics, medical grade, wellness, wellness from within.
  9. Baby boomers are over the "anti" everything description, they are responding to more positive terms. Buzz words are: Pro-age, pro-health, preserving, image extending, youth extending.
  10. Generation Me continues into 2008 with buzz words like: Generation C (content), MIY (make it yourself), SIY (sell it yourself), DIY (do it yourself).
Pierce Mattie Public Relations


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