Friday, November 13, 2009


Written by Magaly Fuentes

Whether it’s a long hike, boarding down a mountain, fishing on a lake or camping in the woods - there’s no better way to enjoy the bountiful gifts of Mother Nature than to experience the thrill of the outdoors.

Performance clothing for the active lover of the outdoors has to cover a lot of bases, protecting you from the potential harshness of different climates and allowing you the flexibility to play. Clothing for outdoor activities should be water resistant, breathable, durable, reliable, comfortable and versatile. Add fashionable and eco-friendly to the mix and it’s no short order but many dedicated companies are investing money and time into the research, testing, and development of new fabrics and techniques to bring customers exactly what they need and want.


The outdoor gear industry has stepped up in the mission to lighten the fashion industry’s carbon footprint with the use of materials like organic cotton, recycled polyester, recycled nylon, soy, hemp, corn fibers, and bamboo. Technological advances continue to allow room for improvement as the spotlight moves from the typical synthetics of the past toward sustainable plant-based fabrics that successfully resist moisture, control odor and shield the wearer from ultraviolet radiation. Although the future just keeps looking brighter, there’s already quite an impressive selection of eco-gear for the outdoor adventurer.

Superstar outdoor apparel companies helping us to brave the elements while brilliantly blending performance with aesthetic appeal include:

prAna – Prana is the sanskrit word for “breath.” Breathing their green production values into the world, this company creates yoga and climbing gear, a product line that is diverse and truly demonstrative of their eco-focus.


Patagonia – Radical views, unconventionally run, passion for the outdoors – all things representative of this successful and inspiring 30+ year old company that provides a full range of outdoor gear and accessories.

Nau – Beauty, Performance, Sustainability – these words encompass this company’s mantra as they continue to develop a multitude of new eco-fabrications offered in stunning styles while consistently encouraging industry peers to do the same.


Hemp Hoodlamb – As the company name suggests, they believe in the wonders of hemp. This amazing material is worked into a very strong fiber which protects from the winter cold. Their product line is proof positive of the endless possibilities of hemp.

Howies - It’s all about the journey! This company believes in making high quality, low impact products for sports and every day life and they have managed to add “super cool-looking” to their already extraordinary bag of sustainable goodness.


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